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    advancejava at balujalabs  Eclipse

  • Eclipse Introduction
  • Project definition and configurations
  • Execution and debugging
  • Advance features
  • advancejava at balujalabs  JDBC

  • JDBC Introduction
  • JDBC Architecture
  • Java Database Connectivity Steps
  • Test JDBC Driver Installation & Connection
  • Types of JDBC Drivers
  • Inserting Data into SQL Tables
  • Retrieving Data from SQL Tables
  • Update SQL Tables
  • advancejava at balujalabs  JSP

  • Introduction to JSP
  • Introducing Java Server Pages Technology
  • JSP Architecture
  • Reading the Request Information
  • Retrieving the data posted to a JSP file from HTML file
  • JSP Elements (Directives, Declaration, Scriplets, Actions)
  • Introduction to the JSP tags
  • Accessing database from JSP
  • Working with JSP Sessions
  • JSP Cookies Example
  • JSP and JavaBeans
  • Disabling Session in JSP
  • JSP and JavaBeans
  • Custom Tag Library
  • File uploading
  • mailing process
  • validations
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Servlet

  • History of Web Applications
  • Support for Servlets
  • HTTP Servlet Basics
  • The Servlet Lifecycle
  • Retrieving Information
  • Sending HTML Information
  • Sending Multimedia Content
  • Session Tracking
  • Security
  • Database Connectivity
  • Applet-Servlet Communication
  • What’s New in the Servlet API
  • Advance Servlet Features (Forward ,Include, Redirect)
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Hibernate

  • Introduction to Hibernate
  • Hibernate Configuration
  • Entity definitions and O/R Mapping
  • Working with Persistent Objects
  • Hibernate Queries
  • Hibernate Caching
  • Advance Concepts
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Struts

  • MVC Architecture
  • Struts Framework
  • Struts Controller Components
  • Struts View Components
  • Struts Model Components
  • Struts Tag Libraries
  • Exception Handling in Struts
  • Using Commons Validate with Struts
  • Exception Handling in Struts
  • Struts example

    advancejava at balujalabs  EJB

  • Introduction to Distributed Component & Containers
  • EJB Fundamentals
  • Session Bean Internals
  • Entity Bean Internals
  • Transaction Management
  • Bean Relationships
  • EJB QL
  • EJB best practices
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Spring Framework

  • Spring Core
  • IOC Containers
  • Bean Post Processors
  • Bean Definite Inheritance
  • Dependency injection, Inner Beans and Collection
  • Spring beans Auto-wiring
  • Annotation based Configuration
  • Event Handling in spring
  • Custom Events in spring
  • AOP with spring framework
  • Spring JDBC framework
  • Transaction Management
  • Spring web MVC Framework
  • advancejava at balujalabs  J2EE Connector Architecture

  • About Resource Adapters
  • Resource Adapter Contracts
  • Administering Resource Adapters
  • The Black Box Resource Adapters
  • Transaction Levels
  • Properties
  • Configuring JDBC Drivers
  • Resource Adapter Tutorial
  • Setting Up
  • Deploying the Resource Adapter
  • Testing the Resource Adapter
  • Common Client Interface
  • advancejava at balujalabs  AJAX

  • Introduction
  • Create an XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Send a Request To a Server
  • Server Response
  • The onreadystatechange Event
  • AJAX Examples
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Java and XML

  • Generating an XML Document
  • Parsing XML
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Create well-formed and valid XML documents
  • Use XML Namespaces in an XML document
  • Create and use an XML Schema document
  • Validate XML documents by using standard XML
  • Use XPath expressions and functions
  • Transform XML documents by using stylesheets
  • List the XML features in the database
  • Explain the architecture of Oracle XML DB
  • Use the XQuery language
  • advancejava at balujalabs  Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud as Service

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