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C++ (pronounced "c plus plus") is a high-level language which is basically a statically typed, multi-paradigm, free form, compiled and general-purpose programming language. It is used to create Program of instructions to perform myriad real time challenging tasks and applications. Baluja Labs hereby invites you to learn and get trained in C++ programming as per industry standards and needs in an innovative way from the best professionals of Software industry.
Our C++ training team has highly qualified, knowledgeable and interactive faculty who will help you and train you to learn the core of C++ Programming in an interesting and practical manner. But besides this, a student needs:
  • basic knowledge of operating computers
  • an attitude of logical thinking
  • love and zeal for learning C++ Programming
Rest of the things will be cater by our faculty and technical staff once you join our institute.
Since its inception in 1979 by Bjarne Straustrup, C++ language has been massively learnt and used widely for building myriad software ranging from system software (like operating systems, anti-virus, graphics driver) to real time applications. Developing C++ language from Simula 67, Straustrup worked on the concept of classes and object. As a result, the programmers of various genres have experienced various amazing developments in C++ and with each passing years C++ has gained mass popularity with strong features like OOPs, Generic programming, File Handling, Pointers, Exception Handling and many more. Since C++ shares the fundamentals of C Language in the beginning of the course training, it is helpful for the learners to easily switch from C to C++ language.
Baluja Labs has got a fantastic team of highly qualified and knowledgeable experts who carry out the task of teaching and training C++ Language in a noble and apprehensive way. We have adopted following innovative methodologies for many years to carry out the task of training students the “language of C++” in apprehensible way:

1. During this session, our faculty deliver lecture on a scheduled concept of C++ Language. This session lasts for one hour. During the lecture, the faculty is responsible for carrying out the session with equal participation of students in the form of student-teacher interaction and concept development. The idea of lecture method is to inculcate understanding of each concept, facts and view about C++ Language among candidates.

2. The lecture method is followed by a short demonstration session where the concerned faculty demonstrates the so taught C++ Program on the given concept on Computer so that the candidates can learn the concepts easily and quickly.

3. Practical Session: During this session, all candidates are allotted a system to write and execute the so taught C++ Program by the faculty. If a candidate is uncomfortable in writing programs, he/she/it is helped by our Lab assistant.

4. Assessment Test Session: Regular Assessment tests are conducted after completion of each 20 percent syllabus of the course. The idea is to simply check the performance of candidates during training session

5. Placement Counseling Session: This session is provided to students once their syllabus gets completed where our faculty provides necessary details of placement related queries of students. Besides this, students are prepared with interview related C++ Language questions.

  • Beginning with c++
  • Explaining Procedure oriented Language(C) and Object Oriented Language.(C++)
  • C++ Tokens, Expressions, and Control Structure.
  • Functions In C++
  • Classes And Objects-
  • Memory Management and pointers.
  • Constructor and Distributor
  • Operator Overloading and type conversion
  • Inheritance – extending class
  • Pointer, Virtual Functions, Polymorphism
  • Managing Console I/O Operations
  • Working with files.
  • Templates-
  • Exception Handling
  • introducing STL (Standard template library)
  • String Manipulation in C++
  • New Features of C++
  • object oriented system development

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