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VBA stands for Visual Basic Applications which has become one of the Microsoft’s leading VB Language programming environment which makes use of Visual Basic 6 and its IDE to develop, test and run small to large GUI Applications. This technology has been used at various parts of the world for quick s/w application development and execution. It is useful for developing UDFs (User Defined Functions), macro programming, developing GUI based applications and data modeling. Balujal Labs understand the scope and need of VBA among job aspirants. Hence, We provide 6 weeks/ months internship in VBA Training and project development.
Our VBA training team has highly qualified, knowledgeable and interactive faculty who will help you and train you to learn the core of VBA in an interactive and practical manner. But besides this, a student needs:
  • basic knowledge of operating computers
  • an attitude of logical thinking
  • love and zeal for learning VBA
  • Rest of the things will be catered by our faculty and technical staff once you join our institute.
Since its inception in 1991, VBA has been massively learnt and widely used for building both simple and complex GUI applications by arranging components or controls on a form. Developers frequently make use of Excel sheet and Macro Programming in VBA to create comprehensive projects dealing with real life applications. At Baluja Labs, we cover each concepts and components of VBA diligently in such a way that could be resourceful and useful for learners
Baluja Labs has got a fantastic team of highly qualified and knowledgeable experts who carry out the task of teaching and training VBA in a noble and apprehensive way. We have adopted following innovative methodologies for many years to carry out the task of training students VBA in apprehensible way:

1. Lecture Session: During this session, our faculty deliver lecture on a scheduled concept of VBA. This session lasts for one hour. During the lecture, the faculty is responsible for carrying out the session with equal participation of students in the form of student-teacher interaction and concept development. The idea of lecture method is to inculcate understanding of each concept, facts and view about VBA among candidates.

2. Demonstration Session: The lecture method is followed by a short demonstration session where the concerned faculty demonstrates the so taught VBA concept on the given concept on Computer so that the candidates can learn the concepts easily and quickly.

3. Practical Session: During this session, all candidates are allotted a system to write and execute the so taught VBA concept by the faculty. If a candidate is uncomfortable in writing programs, he/she/it is helped by our Lab assistant.

4. Assessment Test Session: Regular Assessment tests are conducted after completion of each 20 percent syllabus of the course. The idea is to simply check the performance of candidates during training session.

5. Placement Counseling Session: This session is provided to students once their syllabus gets completed where our faculty provides necessary details of placement related queries of students. Besides this, students are prepared with interview related VBA questions.

    vba training at balujalabs Introduction to VBA

  • Introduction to Excel
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Introduction to VBA
  • How to launch Visual Basic Editor
  • What you can do with Macros
  • How to use Visual Basic Editor
  • vba training at balujalabs  Understanding Loops & Writing VBA Code

  • Using Do While Loops & IF Statement in VBA
  • Do While Loop Explained
  • Using FOR NEXT Loop in Excel
  • Using Select Case Statement in VBA & Working with user Defined Functions (UDF)
  • vba training at balujalabs  Variable & More

  • Sneak peek in to Excel Object Model
  • Deep Dive in to VBA: Theory on Variable, Scoping etc.
  • How to save and Reuse your Macros
  • Introduction to Databases
  • vba training at balujalabs  Dealing with cells & Ranges

  • Displaying Message Boxes using VBA
  • Understanding & Using Cells Object
  • File Handling: Opening, Reading & Writing to Files from VBA
  • Wrapping a set of Formulas with Iferror
  • vba training at balujalabs  Workbooks, Worksheets & Databases

  • Introduction to MS Access & SQL
  • Using Worksheets, Workbook Objects in VBA: Example on how to save a copy of workbook
  • Consolidate Multiple Workbooks in to one using VBA
  • Delete Blank Cells & Sort a List using VBA
  • Generating Multiple PDF Reports using VBA
  • vba training at balujalabs  Working with Charts & Shapes

  • Creating Spark-Line Chart in Excel using VBA
  • Cleaning up multiple charts using VBA
  • Interactive Excel Charts using VBA
  • Animating Excel Charts with VBA
  • vba training at balujalabs  Working with Pivots

  • Pivot Tables & VBA Examples #1
  • Generating Multiple pivot Table Reports using VBA
  • BOUNS : Guest Lecture on Pivot Tables & VBA by Debra
  • vba training at balujalabs  User Forms & Databases

  • Linking to Database from Excel & Working with them
  • User from Basics
  • User from : Lesson #2
  • vba training at balujalabs  More User forms & Examples Application

  • Understanding user from Events & working with Multiple Forms
  • Building an Application using User forms & VBA
  • vba training at balujalabs  Integrating with Word & PowerPoint

  • Generate MS Word Reports from Excel
  • Create a PPT Slide Deck from Excel
  • vba training at balujalabs  Additional VBA Techniques

  • Running a Macro when user selects a cell
  • Showing & Hiding information using VBA
  • Text Processing & Analysis using VBA
  • vba training at balujalabs  Class Project & More

  • Class Project #1: Alphabet Reader App in Excel & VBA
  • Class Project #2: Back office Tracker App in Excel & VBA
  • Using Arrays in VBA
  • Building a Workbook Change Tracker App Using VBA
  • Debugging & Error Handling in VBA

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